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  • D/G Governor Overhaul and Spare Supply
  • Boiler Safety Valves Overhaul  and Pressure Test
  • Aux Boiler Fire Return Chamber Refractory and Casing Repair
  • Aux Boiler Leaking Smoke Tube Renawal
  • Hydrostatic Test of Boiler
  • Auxiliary Condenser Clining and Maintanence
  • Steam/ER Valves Overhaul and Case Repair
  • Lagging/Insulation Replacements
  • Bunker Lines Pressure Test ( Air or Hydrostatic)
  • Incenerator Maintanence and Wall Fire Resistant Material Renewing
  • AC Condenser Cover Fabricate
  • Oil Heaters Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Engine Equipments
  • Load Test and Certitification of Life Saving Equipments and Cranes
  • Gangway Repairs and Load Tests
  • Life Boats & Davits 5  Years Inspections
  • Magnetic Compass Deviation and Maintanence
  • Carrying Out Compass Adjustment and Deviation Diagram
  • ME Aux Blower Motor Maintanance


  • Sheave Replacement
  • Crane Boom parking slot cushion
  • Cranes Cabin Mounting Bolts to Renew
  • Crane Brake Lining
  • Cargo Crane Inspection
  • Cargo Lifting Block Over Haul
  • Crane Load Tests
  • Windlass Brake Lining Replacement
  • Hatch Covers Channel Repairs
  • Renewal of Hatch Cover Chanells Rubber Packhings & Fittings
  • Hatch Cover – Vent Cover Repairs
  • Hatch Covers Hydraulic Cylinders Overhaul
  • Hatch Covers Leak Test By Ultrasonic & Coaming Rest Pads Adjustment
  • Ballast & Fuel Tanks Air Ventilation Repair
  • Ventilation Mushrooms Repair
  • Name Plate Fabrication
  • Steering Gear Vane Pump Inspection and Overhaul
  • MAIN ENGINE Full Over Haul And Spare Supply
  • Crankshaft Deflections
  • M/E Crankpin Bearing Inspection
  • M/E Main Bearing Inspection
  • M/E Crosshead Bearing Inspection of Upper Cap and Lower Cap
  • M/E Thrust Bearing Inspection of Upper Cap and Lower  Cap
  • M/E Air Cooler Overhaul
  • M/E Fuel Pumps Overhaul
  • M/E Fuel Pump ,Roller Guides Inspection
  • Fire Door and All Menholes Gasket Replacament
  • Air Circuit Breakers Cleaning, Maintanance and Performing Tests
  • Overhauling of Electric Motors
  • Renewal of Corroded Parts
  • Main Engine Starting Air Valve Overhaul

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