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Narp Agency team is providing full agency services as:

  • Strait Passage Agency Services
  • Shipyard Agency Services.
  • Port Agency Services.

We are providing to all services with logistic support to the shipowners for strait passage and their ships calling for all Turkish straits and ports mainly Istanbul, Yalova and Canakkale. We have close relationships with different shipyards and authorities thanks to coming from many years’ cooperation and we are ready to meet your demands and requests in the best and fastest way. As we are actively playing an important role in these areas, our experienced and dedicated Agency staff assisting and supporting you during your stay in Turkey and taking care about vessel and crew needs, Turkish authorities’s obligations thoroughly. We are equipped to give all services with the quickest response for especially sudden situations via our 24/7 services. Our aim is the provide our all services in quickest and most economical way!

Our all Agency services for Shipyard&Drydock / Strait Passages / Ports

  • Customs Clearance and Delivery of Spare Parts (in shipyard, strait and all ports)
  • Cash Deliveries (Cash advance to Ship Master)
  • Delivery of Courier Packages
  • Bunkers, Lubricant and Fresh Water Supply
  • Exchanging of crew, boarding controls, certification procedures ( meeting then transporting from the airport, Immigration formalities, Arranging air tickets, and Hotel reservation)
  • Underwater inspection at Anchorage
  • Coordination of Class Attendance
  • Ships Supply, Provisions and Stores
  • Technical Support through experienced Workshops
  • Hotel Accommodations,
  • Crane Load Test
  • Hospital & Medical Services
  • Daily Transportation Services
  • Ship repair during anchorage
  • Motor Boat services
  • Slac / slop and waste discharging
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hull and machine survey supply
  • Flag controls, classification society, technical staff, formal entrance
  • Anchoring of the ships
  • Strait entrance
  • Strait entrance date/time
  • Dardanelles/Bosphorus passings
  • Strait exist
  • Connections of VTS



Beside the agency services in the shipyard, port and strait passage process, NARP has kind of different vehicles to meet your demands in the most correct, comfortable and safe way. Each of NARP vehicles are fully equipped and prepared for spare parts and commodities transportation. As our company registered in Turkish Customs Office, our own cars have been complated all the required obligations for bonded goods. Therefore, we easily can assist in spare parts delivery from board for repair and deliver it back to the shipyard or strait, also any country from the abroad to the vessel during ship repair period on time and in the most economical way.

As we aware of to feel comfortable is so important while you are in foreign country, we will assist and support you in any case. Our trained and experienced drivers will accompany to you during your travel from the departure to the destination with safely and reliably. Also our agency staff will assist you during your transportation for any helps or needs. Our VIP cars are specially equipped for you to take a pleased and comfortable travel with minibar, television and sound system!


    Postane Mah. Idil Sok. No:27 Tuzla, Istanbul, 34940, Turkiye


    +90 216 232 40 40